Kiss Bridge (Cầu Hôn): A New Symbol of Phu Quoc Tourism

Kiss Bridge (Cầu Hôn): A New Symbol of Phu Quoc Tourism

A New Symbol of Tourism and Architecture of Southern Phu Quoc

Rachel Tran Rachel Tran | Published Jan 11, 2022

In 2018, Sun Group earned much attention domestically and internationally with the iconic Golden Bridge at Sun World Ba Na Hills, Da Nang. Golden Bridge then won an abundance of architectural awards, became one of the must-visit destinations in the lifetime. Following the success of the Golden Bridge, Sun Group has come up with a unique construction with the desire to exploit the tourism potential and build an iconic project on the paradise Phu Quoc Island. Kiss Bridge, or Cau Hon (Cầu Hôn in Vietnamese), is expected to be a new symbol, a highlight of architecture transferring the message of nature and tourism of Phu Quoc to the world.

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I. Inspiration for Kiss Bridge’s Formation

Love has long been an endless inspiration for artworks, poetry and architecture. On the pearl island of Phu Quoc, in the romantic atmosphere of the Mediterranean town and the immense sea, Kiss Bridge appears as a spectacular symbol of love, intimacy and harmony. This unique bridge takes inspiration from the endless love, the sweet kisses, and the love story of Nguu Lang and Chuc Nu in Vietnamese fairy tales.

Once upon a time, there was a shepherd named Nguu Lang and a fairy named Chuc Nu falling in love with each other. They secretly got married and lived happily on earth until the Jade Emperor detected the situation and forced Chuc Nu to return to heaven. Nguu Lang and Chuc Nu were separated by the Galaxy, or Song Ngan. Out of the love for the young couple, the Jade Emperor allowed them to reunite once a year. According to folktales, annually on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month, Nguu Lang anh Chuc Nu meet each other on O Thuoc Bridge across the Galaxy.

O Thuoc Bridge (Cầu Ô Thước) in folklore therefore is a symbol of separation, and also a symbol of reunion. With the desire to retell that folk tale in a happy ending, the architect came up with the idea of a bridge inspired from romantic love and kisses. On Cau Hon, there will be no separation but togetherness and reunion. Kiss Bridge will be the destination where lovers exchange the sweetest kisses and experience the intense experience in love.

The Vietnamese name of Kiss Bridge is “Cau Hon”. “Cau Hon” is a polysemous word, which both means “Kiss bridge” and also refers to “proposing marriage”. There is no doubt that this construction will be an ideal rendezvous for couples, especially honeymoon couples visiting the tourism paradise Phu Quoc Island.

basic information of Kiss bridge Phu Quoc
Basic information of Kiss Bridge Phu Quoc

II. Why Is Kiss Bridge A New Symbol for Southern Phu Quoc?

1. Unique Architecture

Kiss Bridge is the brainchild of famous Italian architect, Marco Casamonti, who is the Italian ambassador of culture and art in Vietnam. Although the project was proposed in 2018, it still took him 2 years to birth the idea and complete the design of the iconic construction Kiss Bridge.

The total length of Kiss Bridge is 810 meters, which includes two spans. Unlike other bridges all over the world, the two spans of Kiss Bridge are not connected but separated by a distance of 50 centimeters. This 50 centimeters is a perfect space between two people in an intimate relationship, which is neither too close nor too far.

According to the architects, at the two launching noses, instead of a flat design, they designed a beveled cut in order to increase space for sunlight to pass through. Annually, from 24th December to 1st January, the sun is located right in the middle of two spans, which creates a glorious and marvelous scenery on Kiss Bridge. These days therefore are called “Wishing Day”, and it is said that all couples making a wish together in Kiss Bridge on Wishing Day will live happily together forever.

Different from the normal structure found in other bridges, Kiss Bridge has a circular cylindrical design, which can ensure the firm and aesthetics of this bridge. The structure of pillars with an angle of inclination requires great efforts of the architect since they have to both maintain the soul and guarantee the safety of the whole construction.

Unique architecture of Kiss bridge Phu Quoc

2. Artistic and Cultural Values

More than 5,000 tons of steel has been used for constructing Kiss Bridge, which is half of the amount to build the imposing Eiffel tower in Paris. The cantilever of this bridge is 25 meters each side, which is the second longest cantilever in the world and the only one in Vietnam. It is a huge challenge for the construction team to turn that huge amount of material into a masterpiece  and protect it from the erosion of sea water, winds and other weather conditions.

Designed with the aim of being an iconic work, the style of Kiss Bridge is inspired by the paintings and artworks of the Renaissance period. The simplification but still retaining the artistic values of the construction is highlighted. It is the elegance and creativity in the design that make Kiss Bridge an exclusive architectural work, which evokes the imagination and curiosity of all visitors. Kiss Bridge matches perfectly with the Western-style blocks of the Mediterranean town and becomes a new symbol of Southern Phu Quoc.

Besides the aesthetic aspect, Kiss Bridge is also a construction of culture. It takes inspiration from the well-known Vietnamese folktale Nguu Lang – Chuc Nu and love, an endless topic for the artistic world. Kiss Bridge is a harmonious combination of Vietnamese traditional culture and Western modern architecture, creating a charming and majestic scenery by the sea of Southern Phu Quoc.

3. New Symbol for Southern Phu Quoc

Located in the South Phu Quoc, a potential area for tourism development, Kiss Bridge – Cau Hon is expected to become a new symbol for this pearl island. Visiting Kiss Bridge is considered one of the most romantic things to do in Phu Quoc for couples and others. Kiss Bridge is specifically built based on the terrain and geography condition of the island, with a unique artistic mindset. From afar, Kiss Bridge looks like a smooth silky ribbon passing over the emerald water of the sea. This bridge is like the arms embracing the whole white sand beach, and also like the hand of lovers reaching each other.

If Golden Bridge has been a successful construction that makes a name for Da Nang, Kiss Bridge will follow its path to become an even more spectacular work in Phu Quoc. Not only stopping at a rendezvous for couples, Kiss Bridge will become the destination for festivals and events with the topic of love and friendship attracting thousands of tourists. With an area of 15,000 square meters and an occupancy of 24,000 people, Kiss Bridge will attract a large number of tourists when it begins operations.

The impressive and unique design of Kiss Bridge, along with a variety of amenities around, makes this bridge a leading destination for domestic and international tourists. In the near future, when the construction is completed, Cau Hon will become a new icon of tourism and architecture on the pearl island Phu Quoc.

III. What to See & Do When Visiting Kiss Bridge?

1. Marriage Proposals

The inspirational story of love will make Kiss Bridge a perfect place for you to express your feelings to your lover. In a romantic sunset, in the presence of thousands of people, what could be more wonderful than you proposing and your lover says yes? Don’t miss the opportunity of your lifetime on Kiss Bridge to say the words from the bottom of your heart to your lover.

Kiss Bridge will witness your happy moments in the splendid scenery of Phu Quoc Beach, see your sweet kisses and bless you with love and happiness forever. Kiss Bridge therefore is an ideal place for making proposals, taking wedding photos and holding a wedding with your soulmate.

Marriage proposals - Kiss bridge Phu Quoc

2. Mr & Ms Restaurants

Located at the two bridgeheads of Kiss Bridge, Mr & Ms restaurants are like the two halves of the world connected by the bridge in the middle. In the charming atmosphere of the restaurants, you and your lover will savor a sumptuous dinner, enjoy the melodious music, and contemplate the picturesque scenery of sunset on the sparkling sea.

Mr & Ms restaurants offer you world-class services, an elegant space, and a satisfied meal for a memorable night. After dinner, you can go out and walk along the bridge, admire the glittering of Kiss Bridge and the Mediterranean Town when lighting up.

3. The Mediterranean Town

The Mediterranean Town is a world-class resort complex in Southern Phu Quoc. With a system of villas, hotels, mimi hotels and shophouses in European style along the path leading to Kiss Bridge, this town is a great holiday destination for those who want to experience the most high-end facilities and services in Phu Quoc.

One side of this town is the verdant forest, one side is the gentle immense sea, which gives you a feeling as if you were lost in the Italian streets by the gorgeous Mediterranean. Some worth-visit sites in this town can be named as Central Village Clock Tower, Roman Square and An Thoi Cable Station, Pompeii remnants, Shophouse Venice and so forth. Buying a cable car ticket and taking a visit to Hon Thom Island and enjoying the scenery of Phu Quoc from above are also exciting experiences you can get in the Mediterranean Town.

Southern Phu Quoc possesses a great potential for tourism, and the appearance of Kiss Bridge – Cau Hon is a new breeze and leverage promoting the development of this area. Along with the existing icons on the pearl island, Kiss Bridge is a new symbol of tourism and architecture in Southern Phu Quoc, which will become an attractive stopover for all tourists coming to this resort paradise. 


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