Dai Beach in Phu Quoc: Discover the Pristine Beauty and Flawless Seashores

Dai Beach in Phu Quoc: Discover the Pristine Beauty and Flawless Seashores

Travel Guide to Long Beach

Rachel Tran Rachel Tran | Published Feb 05, 2021

Renowned for pristine beauty and flawless seashores, Phu Quoc is pompously considered as “heaven on land” and has attracted myriads of tourists traveling annually. If you are going to spend this year’s vacation in Phu Quoc, do not forget to check out Dai Beach – a promising spot that will definitely impress you at the moment you set foot on.

Bai Dai is situated in the west of Phu Quoc island where the Gulf of Thailand and Vietnam meet at an intersection. The coast is approximately 15km in its length, stretching from the north-west shore of Ganh Dau Cape until it reaches Cua Can, Bai Dai has contributed such a significant part in achieving Phu Quoc the Pearl Island’s reputation.

Location: In the northwest of Phu Quoc Island
Opening hours: 24/7

I. Highlights of Dai Beach

The name Bai Dai (Dai Beach) originated from the shore’s length (15km), literally means “long beach”. Thanks to its geographical location which is relatively close to primeval forest in the north-west areas on Phu Quoc Island, the weather condition remains stable with favorable temperature and fresh winds rising from the beach during the year.

Highlights of Dai beach

In recent years, Bai Dai has received good comments and broad attention from tourists not only in Vietnam but also foreigners from other countries, becoming one of Phu Quoc’s most popular tourist sites and an ideal destination for travelers in high season. More importantly, reports from ABC News in 2018 informed that Bai Dai was officially honored, particularly ranked itself as the top 5 most primitive beautiful beaches over the world.

To date, due to an increase in high-end developments and innovation projects in the majority of beaches in Phu Quoc, more and more resorts, hotels and specific tourism services are taking their places in Dai Beach. Yet tourists can spare no worries since Dai Beach has envisaged its own policy in order to maintain its inherently traditional characteristics.

Traveling to Bai Dai, tourists can immerse themselves not only in the navy blue colour of the sea but you can also hang at night markets, explore aquaculture factories, fish-sauce production bases, and learn about fishing villages’ livelihood as well

II. What to See & Do in Dai Beach?

What to see and do in Dai beach Phu Quoc

1. Amazing Beach

Dai Beach possesses an endless golden sandbank in combination with crystal blue seawater and choppy layers of continuous waves. More interestingly, due to the alternation in sea level during the day, the colour of the ocean constantly modifies itself, from light blue to pastel pink and dark purple. 

Besides, Dai Beach is surrounded by lush poplar hills, rockbound shores, fishing villages and coconut forest systems that evenly contribute around the coast, creating such an ideal beautiful landscape for visitors. 

Moreover, having an opportunity to witness sunrise or sunset on a beach is definitely an unforgettably indispensable experience for any goers. It is said that this moment reveals the true identity of mother nature when the ocean finds its way back to its inherent tranquil state, slowly wiping out all anxieties and tiredness from each of us. Because of this reason, it’s hard to find someone who would want to miss out on the chance of staring at the astounding ocean when traveling here.

2. Visiting Doi Moi Islet

Wandering about the beachfront, tourists will possibly detect a small islet from a certain distance, approximately 800m called Doi Moi. Owning itself a spotlessly white sandbank that is 50m in its length, Doi Moi Islet is a favorable place for fishing, diving and observing marine life such as coral reefs.

In addition, do not forget to check out on other nearby tourist attractions such as Dinh Cau, Bai Sao Beach, An Thoi Harbour, Ganh Dau, etc.

What to see and do in Dai beach Phu Quoc 2

3. Having Fun with Your Traveling Companions

If you are planning on having more than one day in Dai Beach, consider bringing along necessary appliances for fishing and a BBQ party on the shore. Other than ordinary aquatic activities here like contemplating the beach and swimming, it is advisable for visitors to throw a small BBQ party right on the shoreline. 

Dai Beach is renowned for its scenery, yet its diverse sea ecosystem which is the habitat of many marine creatures such as shrimps, crabs, sea urchins, etc is what truly features itself, in particular, and Phu Quoc, in general. Thanks to the temperate climate and prosperous wildlife of Dai Beach, the seafood supplies always reach their finest freshness. In case you are not interested in fishing activities or lack of fishing skills, you can easily buy them from fishermen and the seafood market here. 

An animated night on the beach with a seafood BBQ party with your friends is surely amusing. It’s a great time for people to have fun, enjoy recreational activities and talk to each other. Otherwise, you can still enjoy the night on your own by taking a few strolls along the coast, inhale the sea breeze and clear your mind. Correspondingly, it’d be wise for tourists to spend more than one day in Dai Beach.

III. How to Get to Dai Beach?

In order to reach Dai Beach, tourists can take the flight from Hanoi/ Saigon and fly directly to Dai Beach. It can be said that the traffic condition in Dai Beach is relatively popular and convenient. After reaching the centre of Duong Dong District, there are two possible options for you to choose from:

  • Follow the main road of Duong Dong-Cua Can, pass Cua Can Bridge, turn left and keep going ahead until you spot the first beach which is Vung Bau Beach. Then, take the road alongside that beach and you will reach Dai Beach.
  • Follow the main road of Duong Dong-Cua Can. From the Cua Can Bridge, keep going straight until spot Vinpearl and find the nearest path there which is the path taking you to Dai Beach. 

Dai Beach is such a picturesque natural picture that still retains most features of which a pristine beachfront would have. That beauty can probably lose anyone’s head when they first land on this shore. Wanna try out this beauty? Do not hesitate anymore, let’s pack up and depart right away!


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