Golden Stream Lake (Dankia Lake): The Tranquility Beauty in Dalat

Golden Stream Lake (Dankia Lake): The Tranquility Beauty in Dalat

Travel Guide to Dankia Lake in Dalat

Rachel Tran Rachel Tran | Published Feb 17, 2021

Dalat, the dreamlike city in Lam Vien Plateau, has long been well-known for its stunning appearance that cannot be found in any other city of Vietnam. Coming to Dalat, tourists will have a chance to visit fresh vegetable and fruit farms, vast flower gardens and well-decorated coffee shops. Not only that, visitors also come to Dalat in order to admire immense lakes and enjoy outside activities there. In Dalat, besides Xuan Huong Lake and Tuyen Lam Lake in the city center, Golden Stream Lake (or Dankia Lake) in the suburb attracts many tourists to this charming city.

Location: Ankroet Road, Lat Commune, Lac Duong District, Lam Dong Province
Opening hours: 24/24 daily
Entrance fee: no charge
Best for: going solo, travelling in groups

I. History of Golden Stream Lake

Overview of Golden stream lake

Golden Stream Lake has another name as Dankia Lake, which has existed for hundreds of years. Before the beginning of the 20th century, Lang Biang highland was the home of a variety of Lach and Chi people. They lived in thatched houses on the banks of Da Dong River, a river originating from Lang Biang Mount. Of all the villages on the riverside, the largest one is Dankia, so people often use that name to call the lake. In the language of the local, “Dankia” means thatch hill.

In 1893, when arriving in Dalat, Dr. Yersin chose Dankia Lake to stay, then came back to Lam Ha District. Realizing the potential of this lake, in 1897, in a letter to Paul Doumer – the governor-general of Indochina at that time, Dr. Yersin suggested founding a destination for relaxing on the bank of Dankia Lake. Since then, Dankia Lake has become a popular landscape of resting for both domestic and international visitors to Dalat.

Dankia Lake comprises two estuaries, which are Dankia in the north and Ankroet in the south. According to the locals, the water of Dankia Lake contains gold-ore so they often call the lake Suoi Vang, or Golden Stream Lake. In Ankroet Fall of Golden Stream Lake, the first hydroelectric dam in Dalat was built in 1942. 

II. Highlights of Golden Stream Lake

Highlights of Dankia lake

Accompanying with the life of Dalat people for more than half a century, Golden Stream Lake is the largest fresh-water lake in Dalat. With the area of 170 hectares, the capacity of Golden Stream Lake is up to 20 million cubic meters of water. From above, Golden Stream Lake looks like a silk ribbon winding through quiet pine forests of Dalat.

Before becoming a tourist attraction, the lake was the freshwater source of the entire Dalat City. Golden Stream Waterworks was built near this lake with the assistance of Denmark in 1984 and its highest capacity is 18,000 m3/sec. In addition, this lake also plays a vital role in operating the electric generators of Ankroet Hydropower Plants. The output capacity of Ankroet Hydropower Plants can be up to 15 million kWhs.

Golden Stream Lake owns the typical atmosphere of most natural attractions in Dalat, with a large and tranquil lake, green immense lawns, majestic mountain ranges and thousands of pine trees around the lake. Enclosed by pine forests, Golden Stream Lake has gentle weather with cool and fresh air, mild winds and stunning sunlights. The serene surface of Dankia Lake is like a mirror reflecting the blue sky, imposing mountains and treelines around the lake, drawing an appealing picture of nature.

Visiting Golden Stream Lake, tourists will get a good chance to contemplate the breath-taking scenery of lake, forests, waterfalls and pine trees. Most of the sights of Golden Stream Lake are well-preserved with pristine features of nature instead of man-made views that can be seen in some places. A journey to Golden Stream Lake is a trip coming back to Mother Nature, where people can find peaceful moments in their soul. It can be said that Golden Stream Lake is the unique gift from the Creator to Dalat City.

III. What to See and Do in Golden Stream Lake?

What to see in Dankia lake

1. Golden Valley

Golden Valley is a tourist spot built on the side of Dankia Lake. So romantic is the valley that tourists may feel as if they were in a Korean film. Established in 2005 and completed in 2019, Golden Valley has become more and more attractive to both domestic and international tourists, especially who love taking photos.

Golden Valley owns itself with colorful flower gardens, small murmuring streams and a pink-grass field that can surprise all visitors at first sight. Dankia Lake is the highlight of this Golden Valley, drawing a poetic line in this landscape. With only a 70,000-VND fee, tourists can enter and discover this fairy land.

Ankroet Waterfall near Golden stream lake

2. Ankroet Waterfall

It can be said that Ankroet Waterfall is a fierce fall. Water from small streams flowing though rough rocks of Ankroet Waterfall and bubbling up in the lake below. Contrary to the peaceful appearance of Golden Stream Lake, Ankroet Fall is quite noisy and sublime. It seems that the murmuring sounds of the fall is its joyful outcry when escaping from the jungle to find freedom and immerse itself in Dankia Lake.

To control over the fierce waterfall, a hydroelectric dam was built in the middle of the 20th century. Dankia Dam is an ideal place for tourists to contemplate the first hydropower plants in Dalat – Ankroet Hydropower Plant. There tourists can admire the strength of humans in dominating nature and forcing natural strength to serve their lives.

See the lonely pinetree near Golden stream lake

3. The Lonely Pine Tree

The lonely pine tree is one of the most famous sites in Golden Stream Lake, and it is especially a favorite location of the young. This pine tree is like in a beautiful love story that lies silently on the lakeside, completely separated from the deep green pine forest on the opposite side of Golden Stream Lake. The lonely pine tree is the highlight point in a vast area of snow grass.

According to the experience of Dalat travellers, the most suitable time to visit the lonely tree and take photos is at sunrise or sunset. At these times, the blue sky turns into yellow and red, the scenery is covered by the last sunlights of a day, which is such an appealing moment. Releasing your soul and taking a deep breath, you can feel the pure air and peaceful atmosphere there.

What to do in Dankia Lake

4. Camping overnight

With immense lawns and pine forests in the surrounding area, Golden Stream Lake is an ideal destination for camping. Around the lake, there are various areas to set a campfire without paying any fee. Playing intriguing games of team building activity then holding a night party will give tourists unforgettable experience. What can be more thrilling than enjoying a barbeque meal in the cool weather of Dalat at night, singing, dancing and chit-chatting with your friends?

Besides, tourists can experience plenty of other activities, including riding horses, fishing and boating. Camping and outdoor games in Golden Stream Lake will give tourists wonderful impressions about this lake.

5. Enjoying sunrise moment

In recent years, Golden Stream Lake has been a popular cloud-hunting destination among many young. You can view floating clouds covering all the things in an early morning, then see the sun gradually appearing on the horizon. At that time, the sky turns from white to red then blue, which is an impressive scene that you should not miss.

To catch that stunning moment, you have to get up early in the morning at 04.00 AM then move up to the hill to wait for sunrise. The clouds and fog are like a thin blanket embracing and sneaking in the forest below. That is such a soul-touching scenery.

Admiring Dankia Lake from above

6. Admiring Dankia Lake from above

If you find it interesting to have an overview of Golden Stream Lake (Dankia Lake) from above, you should conquer Radar Peak of Lang Biang Mountains. From this point, tourists can catch the sight of a ribbon at the foot of the mountain, curving around green lawns and quiet pine forests. The lake surface is calm enough to see the white clouds floating in the water. Green mountains and forests of Dalat appear in front of the eyes of travellers. All the landscape is peaceful and charming, which makes Dalat deserve to be a poetic city.

IV. How to Get to Golden Stream Lake?

Golden Stream Lake is located in Lac Duong District, which is about 17 kilometers to the northwest of Dalat City center. To get to Golden Stream Lake, you can opt for going by car, taxi or motorbike.

It is not too difficult to find the way to Golden Stream Lake. From Dalat City center, you follow Dinh Tien Hoang Street to reach an intersection with Phu Dong Thien Vuong, Tran Nhan Tong and Nguyen Cong Tru streets. There you turn left to Nguyen Cong Tru Street, then turn right to Xo Viet Nghe Tinh Road.

Then you just go straight to follow Xo Viet Nghe Tinh and Dankia roads until you reach a roundabout. Turn left to 19/5 road and Golden Stream Lake is at the end of your way. It takes you about 37 minutes to go by car or taxi and 35 minutes to go by motorbike.

The best time to visit Dalat City, in general, and Golden Stream Lake, in particular, is from early November to March. This is the dry season in Dalat, and the temperature is rather cool, which is the best condition for outside activities.

V. Extra Tips

  • Golden Stream Lake is relatively large, so to explore the whole attractions on the lake side, you should go by motorbike. Hiring a motorbike and driving yourself will make your journey much more convenient.
  • To get to Golden Stream Lake, you have to cross a sinuous mountain pass. Remember to pay attention and be careful  the entire way.
  • You should not visit the lake (especially the lonely pine tree) on rainy days since the way might be very slippery and dangerous.
  • If you want to go camping or picnicking, you should bring your own foods. Foods around Golden Stream Lake are available, but the price is not pocket-friendly.
  • Prepare your tent, heating bag and thick coat to camp overnight because the weather of Dalat at night is rather cold and humid.
  • If you want to see the sunrise, you had better get up at 4.00 – 4.30 AM to move up to the hill.
  • Ensure your safety when joining activities in Golden Stream Lake by following the instruction.
  • Don’t forget to protect the environment around the lake. You have to clean all your garbage before leaving.

Golden Stream Lake (Dankia Lake) of Dalat is an ideal destination to enjoy your weekends with your friends. A lot of intriguing things in this lake is waiting for you to explore. As a gift from nature, Golden Stream Lake is a visit-worthy landscape for all tourists coming to this city. If you have a chance to Dalat, don’t miss to hold a journey to this wonderful land!


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