Specially favored by nature, with its majestic scenery, passionately dreaming, combined with honest, warm, hospitable people, during the past time, Trai Mat Farm has always been rated as one of the best Dalat tourist destination cannot be missed. The majestic, wild mountains and forests hidden in the mist every dawn and dusk are always an endless source of inspiration for poetry and art. Trai Mat Farm is like a “jade” shining in the middle of the highland forest.

Location: Ward 11, Dalat city, Lam Dong province

I. Trai Mat’s Origin

Since ancient times, thanks to the temperate climate, majestic nature, wild scenery and enchanting beauty, Dalat has always been chosen as a destination for the Kings to rest and hunt. According to local people’s tales, at the end of the Nguyen Dynasty, during the reign of King Bao Dai, he usually chose this area to set up camping (“nghi mat” in Vietnamese) and hunt. That is why the name “Trai Mat” was born.

II. What to Do at Trai Mat Farm?

1. Cloud hunting at Trai Mat


At around 5AM – 6AM, Trai Mat appeared as an incredibly beautiful scene that attracts all eyes and fully absorbs in all senses. Around this time, the whole farm is embraced by a floating white mist. Especially, for those who love to take pictures, you will surely have a great photo set between the floating, mysterical clouds. Since fog causes the temperature to drop sharply in the early morning, you will need to bring warm clothes or heat-retaining equipment to ensure your health on the whole trip.

2. Finding Memory at The Old Train Station


Located next to Trai Mat Market, the 100-year-old train station – oldest in Indochina – is always the destination to be expected every time visitors have the opportunity to come here. Designed in an impressive architectural style, taking the simulated image of Langbiang Peak, Dalat Old Station has undergone many ups and downs in history, and standstills until now with multiple challenges over time. It was formerly a railway route connecting Da Lat with Thap Cham. After the French army left Vietnam, this railway continued to be maintained Only during the American occupation, the station was mainly used for military purposes.

3. Admiring the Trai Mat Light Paradise at Night


During the day, Trai Mat brings a peaceful, loving, virgin beauty. When night falls, the whole scene here becomes extremely magical, enchanting and beautiful. Looking down from above, enveloping the landscape are hundreds of thousands of bright yellow lights emanating from the gardening houses. Watching it from further, the scene is like a picture of a night forest with countless fireflies that attracts all eyes and makes you feel overwhelmed without taking your eyes off.

This surely will be a romantic date not to be missed for couples. As for families, this will be the ideal space for outdoor parties to become more cozy than ever.

4. Taking Photos at The Colorful Sunny Farm Trai Mat


“Sunny Farm” – the name of the farm already shows us the joy and happiness that visitors will experience when coming here. Located on the 7th Street of Ward 11, the Sunny Farm is a tourist destination that attracts customers every time they stop in Dalat. With unique and colorful designs, the happy farm is welcomed by young people and now becomes one of the hottest Instagram – material places on Social Networks.

III. How to Get to Trai Mat Farm?

  • By Motorbike

From the center of Dalat, it only takes you 20 minutes to travel to Trai Mat. If you don’t have a motorbike, you can rent one near the market or right at your hotel for between 80,000 VND – 180,000 VND / day depending on whether you want a scooter or a digital scooter.

Motorbike is chosen by many young people because it is quick and convenient for the journey. Move along Tran Hung Dao Street to the end of Hung Vuong Street, you will arrive at Trai Mat.

  • By Bus/Taxi

If you are afraid of unfamiliar roads, you can choose to travel by taxi or bus without worrying about getting lost. A bus ticket from Dalat to Xuan Truong costs 12,000 VND. The bus is completely cheap and safe, but it takes more time and you will not be able to stop on the way for photos. If you do not want to wait for the bus, you can call a taxi right away. You can ask your hotek for help when calling a taxi.

  • By the Old Train

If you wants to have interesting experiences to explore Trai Mat, the old train would be the best option for you. However, the drawback here is that there are only 5 trips a day, so you must arrange your schedule to not miss the train. You can buy a ticket at Dalat Railway Station on Quang Trung Street and experience this interesting feeling.

IV. Extra Tips

  • You can visit Trai Mat Farm all year round, but if you go there on February, you will be able to watch the pink cherry blossoms blooming on the sides of the road. You should also come here in the summer (April – July) to enjoy the cool temperature and warm sun at the same time.
  • If you go here in the winter, make sure you bring thick, warm clothes and an umbrella, since it’s the rainy season here.
  • There are many homestays around Trai Mat Farm so you don’t have to worry about accommodation if you want to spend a night here.

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