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  • I have a choice to see Hanoi. My tour guide was passionate  about Vietnam history. I think the quality of the service is met in 100% with my expectations. I feel myself safe :) during the trips. My guide really took care about me and he was absolutely well-built with knowledge.

    Hungary Oct 22, 2014

    Joined tour Hanoi Half-day tour on motorbike

  • Our family of four took a 3 night, 4 day tour of Lan Ha Bay and Cat Ba Island with Vietnam Discovery tours in October 2014. Overall we had a great experience However, our trip was delayed by 3 days because of a visa issue which they should have warned us about (Vietnam requires a letter of invitation). Once we got going the trip was great. Our guide, Mr. Chung, was very competent, professional and flexible. he was a great logistics guide but I would have appreciated more history. He was always happy to answer our questions about contemporary life in Vietnam. The absolute highlight of our trip was staying on the boat in beautiful Lan Ha Bay, kayaking and swimming, be sure to book at least two nights, one is not enough. The home stay on Cat Ba Island was also charming, we cut short the planned 5-7 hour hike as it was just too much for us. Overall a great trip. Huge thanks to Mr. Chung and our hosts.

    United States Oct 14, 2014

    Joined tour Lan Ha Bay and Cat Ba Adventure

  • We were very pleased to join the Cooking class at Mrs Mai home on Saturday. We spent there wonderful time and we are looking forward to get another lesson next time in Hanoi. Mrs Mai is very professional and also kind and sympa. So you can enjoy friendly domestic atmosphere with professional class-perfect! ;)

    Definitely we will recommend it to others and are looking forward to join one of your great tours again (We have also joined the 1D Halong Bay Tour-pefect service from travel guide "Mr. Happy", good boat quality and food-very nice day for us).

    Best wishes!

    Czech Oct 01, 2014

    Joined tour Hanoi Half-day Cooking Tour with the Master Chef

  • Sorry for the delay. It's been very busy since I went back to work. I would love to give you some feedback!

    Tour guides: All of the guides were really nice. They were also extremely knowledgeable. We really felt like we got so much more out of our trip with the information they provided us. The only thing I would say we had issues with was that our guide in Hoi An>Hue was a little pushy when it came to taking pictures and giving information. For example, if we weren't taking a picture of something he thought was important, he would yell "why aren't you taking a photo?!" And if we started to walk around, he would call us to stand next to him while he talked. Also, when he first met us and asked us where we were from, and we said "America," he immediately exclaimed that he hated America. He later explained what he meant, and we kind of understood what he meant when he first said it, but it's possible other people could take this very badly. He was mostly kind, though, and very informative.

    Drivers: The drivers were all friendly, and we always felt safe, and we always arrived on time.

    General: I think all of the places we went were great for getting a taste of each part of Vietnam. The food was fantastic, and the proportions were more than enough. The only thing I would suggest for future tours is to let the tourists know how nice the restaurants will be, because we often felt very under-dressed (but the staffs never treated us differently because of our clothes!); or, you could mix in more local-style casual restaurants. This also has nothing to do with the tour, but we often felt that the restaurants were cheating us when we ordered coffee. We would spend between $2-$3 for an iced coffee, and get a very tall glass full of ice with only about 120ml (or less) of coffee.

    The only other things I would suggest about the tour in general:
    -If possible, give customers a complete pick-up time schedule ahead of time (or at least the night before). Often Westerners may worry that they've been forgotten if they don't have a time. This would help you avoid lots of nervous emails and phone calls :)
    -Be more clear on what is included food-wise in the itinerary. Sometimes the itinerary and exclusion list did not match up for our trip. For example: Food: Breakfast- Included Lunch- Included Dinner- Not Included (on own)

    Mind you, these were all very small issues for us. The trip itself was amazing, and we would do it again in a heartbeat. We've already told friends about your company, I've promoted it on my blog, and I will continue to recommend you to anyone going to Vietnam.

    Thank you for an incredible trip!

    United States Sep 30, 2014

    Joined tour Vietnam at a glance

  • This whole service is great. It's fast, reliable, and reasonably priced. I have used this service a number of times and am always satisfied. I have also used the car service and have booked a cooking tour through this organization. It's excellent. Linda Pham is brilliant!

    United Kingdom Sep 30, 2014

    Joined tour Hanoi Half-day Cooking Tour with the Master Chef

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