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  • This was probably the best tour of the lot. The guide had great English, was able to explain some amazing history to us clearly. I would highly recommend this cultural heritage My Son tour to anyone visiting Hoi An. All tours were on time & the guides were all very nice and friendly people & we had a great time with them all. Let me know if you would like any pictures and I will try and send them next week when I'm back at work.

    NewZealand Jan 22, 2014
  • Please, find our output from the trip thru Vietnam Discovery:
    Booking process and reservation process.
    Pretty easy and professionally done (suggested route, tours, timetable etc). We like you during a meeting in Hanoi as well.
    - Positive: perfect location, clean, no issues
    - Negative: rooms in Hanoi and HCM was pretty tiny with no windows
    - Halong bay: well managed, helpful stuff, PERFECT FRESH FOOD, good cabin on the boat. Professional and nice tour guide ""Tuna"". We glad you have him as a partner or employee! Overall that was very nice adventure.
    - My son holly land: Guide was nice and polite but we got lack of historical facts about the place we visit. He had a good English, so that was not an issue to tell us some more details. Special THANK YOU for suggestion to visit Hoi An. We never heard about his place before. Both of us found this city very amazing and unique, so we definitely come back to Hoi An again somedays.
    Transfers was a primary reason why we choose Vietnam Discovery according Tripadvisor reviews and feedbacks. Everything was perfect until the "black Friday". We TWICE almost missed the flights and got heavily nervous about it. Not nice at all to get double hit at the last day. Don't know what happened and it's doesn't matters now, but "the last mile" should more carefully managed to not destroy entire impression of holiday time because we have it only twice per year...
    What data we need provide you for to reimburse failed transfers?

    Suggestions: It would be nice if Vietnam Discovery would provide this basic information for the future guests:
    a) mobile internet (where to buy a SIM card, how much it cost, how to activate it)
    b) normal price rate for basic goods (street coffee, Pho, right taxi price per km, ATMs, etc)
    c) 10-15min basic instructions for new arrivals what to avoid, tourist traps and other travel tips

    Philippines Jan 18, 2014
  • Many thanks for your mail. I really loved and enjoyed my trip. I wish I had taken the 2Nights/3Days cruise package. Halong was magnificent. I will come back next year for sure. And do the other cities. Or combine it with Laos. Halong again when I am married!!!

    Travelling alone is always a little expensive and unsure, but I think your services were excellent. I will strongly recommend you. And you can count on some of my family/friends travelling to Vietnam next year.

    I am also keen to travel to Myanmar. If you have any contacts or do combined trips do keep me posted. Thanks once again. I loved your country and people. Their warmth and smiling faces will live with me forever.


    India Nov 06, 2013

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