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Yangon: Then and now
Posted On Wed, Oct 22, 2014 by Travellive
Yangon city  in the early morning - Myanmar Tour
Breathtaking Yangon in the early morning
Different from other places I have been to, Yangon (Myanmar) is diverse and has its own uniqueness. My first impression of Yangon is of the beautiful architecture and people. An intersection of Buddhist culture and capitalism influenced by English colonization form a wonderful city, ancient yet very fresh. Many differing schools of architecture are present here. The mix of different religions, including Buddhism, Islamism and Christianity, shows in them any construction and is woven through local life.

My hotel is located on an ancient street in Downtown Yangon and along a famous walking route for travelers. I start to discover Yangon from that route. Yangon is peaceful in the morning; pigeons flocks on the streets and eat the food people share. They take off in a flurry and overshadow the sky briefly, whenever cars come past.
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