Typical Spring Festivals in Sapa
Posted On Mon, Mar 23, 2015 by Vietnam Discovery
Traveling to the misty upland Sapa Town, tourists are not only captured by its natural beauty but also immersed in its unique cultural identity, which is expressed through the banquet of spring festivals of many ethnic minority groups living in the Northern mountainous regions. In the article, three typical of ethnic spring festivals will be introduced.  

Roong Pooc Festival
Roong Pooc Spring festival Traveling to Sapa
Dance performance at Roong Pooc Festival (Photo by Dtinews)

Roong Pooc Festival is a well-known as a new farming season for the Day living in Ta Van Village, not very far from Sapa center. When the Spring comes, Roong Pooc Festival takes place at Ta Van Commune, which is adjacent to t he ancient Ta Van Stone Field and Muong Hoa Stream.
Foreign tourist at Roong pooc Festival Traveling to Sapa
Foreign tourist fancy of riding buffalo in Roong Pooc Festival (Photo by Dtinews)

During the festival, the village patriarch and commune officials are in charge of paying tribute to the Mother Earth and the god for prosperity and happiness. Joining the event, visitors to Sapa can have chance to try some several folk games of Day people.
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