Tranh Khuc Chung Cake – Hanoi specialty on Tet
Posted On Thu, Feb 12, 2015 by Vietnam Discovery
Tranh Khuc Village has been famous for its traditional Chung Cake, a green-pea delicacy wrapped in dong leaves that is a staple on every Vietnamese table as family and friends gather for the annual Tet festival.

As usual, when Tet holiday comes, the village is in a cake-making frenzy as locals step up production of their Chung cakes.
In order to make Chung Cake preparing for the lunar Vietnamese Tet, locals have to bring in peas, rice, green beans, peppers and pork, along with the essential green dong leaves which were harvested in the two central provinces of Thanh Hoa and Nghe An, and transfer to Tranh Khuc Villages for weeks. The villagers will then select the best quality produce to make Chung cakes by the thousands.

Particularly, people in Tranh Khuc Village say that a skilled villager can make and wrap three Chung cakes per minute; of course, with help of a person in each step of preparing cakes.

Ingredients in traditional Chung Cake - Travel to Vietnam on Tet
Many ingredients are mixed in Chung CakeWrapping Chung Cake Tranh Khuc - Traveling to Vietnam on Tet
Carefully wrapping a Chung Cake
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