The art of Bai Choi Singing from Binh Dinh Province
Posted On Thu, Mar 19, 2015 by Travellive
Vietnamese traditional singing of Bai Choi - Vietnam culture tour
Bai Choi Singing festival in Central Vietnam
The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism is currently at work on a dossier on the Bai Choi singing of central Vietnam for submission to UNESCO for recognition as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. In the dossier, the unique and well-preserved values of the art of Bai Choi singing of Binh Dinh province are recorded.

Legend has it that the game of Bai Choi first appeared in Binh Dinh in the 17th century. From sentry boxes in the Central Region, local people often played Bai Choi during the traditional Tet holiday. Bai Choi playing took place at the communal house or on an empty plot of land, where two rows of small bamboo sheds were built, each row containing four sheds and a single, larger shed at one end.

Today, before playing Bai Choi, game leaders will sell a main card, made of bamboo, to each of the nine sheds, each main card including the names of three smaller cards.
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