Rock Climbing Extreme on Cat Ba Island
Posted On Fri, Oct 25, 2013 by Jimmy Vu
Rock climbing has been very popular around the world but has only begun to develop in Vietnam. It was a great chance for me during a recent trip in Cat Ba Island to join with a group of climbers of multiple nationalities, with most of them being expats living in Hanoi.

We spent 2 days and 1 night together on a junk tailed by a number of kayaks, cruising around Lan Ha Bay and Ha Long Bay, discovering the climbing routes which had already been established by other climbers and also looking for new cliffs in order to form new routes in this area consisting of thousands of rocky islets.

Cat Ba and Ha Long are very potential for deep water soloing and rope climbs. Water soloing is a form of rock climbing where the base of the rock is immersed in deep water which is dependent much on the tides. The water is there to cushion any fall whether intentional or otherwise. Rope climbing is usually practiced with a cliff on a beach or a valley on Cat Ba Island called Butterfly valley, with a normal height of 30 meters.

This activity requires at least 2 persons with one being the climber and the other a be-layer. The job of the be-layer is to control the rope that is attached to bodies of them as protection for the climber and his or her landing after reaching the climb target.
Rock climbing on Cat Ba- Halong city tours
Rock climbing on Cat Ba Island
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