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Mekong Delta - Again
Posted On Mon, Oct 21, 2013 by Vincent Lee
The hustle of floating market in Mekong Delta Tour
Floating markets in Mekong Delta
I visited the Mekong Delta again, but this time on a tour. I thought maybe it would be good to do a tour so I can actually see the Mekong River and all the islands that the formed from decades of silts being deposited at the mouth of the river.

The tour included a 4 hour boat ride that showed us the local floating market, a candy workshop that made coconut candy (which is absolutely delicious), pop-rice, yes...I said pop-rice.

What is pop-rice? Well, it is like popcorn but with rice! It is like rice crispy but much bigger kernels and healthier I think. They use hot sand to pop the rice! Using the same method, they can make pop-noodles too. They reminded me of fried onion strings but again, much healthier because it is not fried!

After they make the pop-rice and pop-noodles, they mix it with caramel to turn it to something like a rice crispy squares. They make different flavors; garlic, spicy, coconut and so on.
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