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Inle Lake – A “Stage” for dancers under the sun
Posted On Wed, Oct 15, 2014 by Travellive
Inle Lake is very popular destination for international photographers. I myself saw many fascinating photos of Inle Lake which urged me to come here to experience this wonder and take my own unique photos. We arrive at Naunghwe when it is still dim and the moon still hangs in the sky. I hire a small car to take me to a riverside hotel by the wharf, the gateway for tourists to visit Inle Lake.

Naunghwe is a small town on the north of Inle Lake. It is very peaceful, yet features many small hotels, restaurants and a multitude of tourist services. You can taste a variety of traditional dishes here, especially dishes cooked from fish caught locally in the lake.
Boat trip along Inle Lake Myanmar tours
Boat trip along the Inle Lake - Myanmar

With the sun peeking out from behind the Eastern Mountain, I check-in to my hotel room, then sit anxiously on a hired boat to take me into Inle Lake through the cold, thinning fog. I will spend two days in Inle and the first day is intended for discovering the lake as well as capturing the best possible photos here. The boat cuts quickly through the fog to reach the lake before the dawn, where fishermen sail boats by one leg. The beauty of the lake makes itself apparent in the first few moments. Flocks of sea-gulls swoop down to land on my and others’ boats. The sea-gulls are friends that make the way to the lake shorter, although the water surface is still hidden in the morning fog.

I have heard much and seen many photos of the “dancers” and artists of Inle Lake, who sail the boats and draw up their nets by one leg in the sunshine. It is clear that this practice is a thing of the past and nowadays, it is simply an activity to display to the tourists and to preserve the local culture. As my ponderings of these dancers roll in my mind, I am unaware that they have appeared around me. Suddenly realizing their presence, they shift into focus.
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