Hoi An’s nightly serenades
Posted On Thu, May 12, 2016 by Ha Thanh - Wanderlust
When the sun sets, and night falls Hoi An fills with the sound of romance. As dusk gently envelopes it, the ancient town unfolds its charm and inspires any –and everyone wandering through this historic space, Hoi An at night is a serenade filled with the sounds and lyrics of history, culture, architecture, people and life.

Hoi An’s ancient town is a world cultural heritage site. It differs strongly from other relics of historic significance in Vietnam. Often history is associated with spaces that no longer have an everyday use, but are corded off to be admired from afar. However, Hoi An is a town alive with the hustle and bustle of daily life. It is not a demonstration, reproduction or representation, rather Hoi An is a living museum, containing great spiritual value, cultural significance and physical heritages. These are the biggest value of Hoi An and they are being maintained by the town residence themselves. 

At night, people can feel the spirit of those who inhabit it the best. During the day tour in Hoi An is busy and all about the joy and bustle of modern life. But at night a peace and quietness settles mixed with a nostalgic melancholia typical of ancient towns. Night evokes something that is hidden in the day and the bright spirit of the day turns more blurry and mystical. And the magic of twilight lends street corners, mustard yellow facades and the tiny allies even more charm. 
Bai Choi singing - Hoi An tour
                   A street performance of Bai Choi Singing 

If Hoi An’s nights were songs they would be sweet serenades. Romantic but not sand and hopeless, songs with easily understandable lyrics and beautiful instrumental parts. Serenades are not for the masses, but rather they pose delicacy and the high standard of classical music, yet they evoke simplicity and the comfort of everyday life. Serenades harmoniously merge voice and piano tunes. The lyrics are carried by piano tones, delivered like a poem. But serenades emphasize the accompanying instruments they are more than just background noise. When at their most perfect these songs leave nothing that could be changed as they possess equilibrium of music and lyrics. They are the perfect harmony,  
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