Cultural characteristics of the Bo Y ethnic people
Posted On Fri, Oct 9, 2015 by Vietnam Discovery
Among 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam, the Bo Y occupy the smallest with about 3,000 people living in a few hamlets belonging to Quan Ba and Dong Van district of the northern border province of Ha Giang.

Differently called Pu Y, Chung Cha, Trong Gia or Tu Di, the Bo Y people live mainly on cultivating terraced fields as well as raising cattle and poultry. While men forge farm tools and housewares and make wood products and pottery, women grow cotton, weave cloth, and make clothes and accessories.
Local women of Bo Y in Ha Giang - Northern Vietnam Tour
Local women of Bo Y ethnic people
Up to now, the husband is the only one who can decide everything in family as the Bo Y are patriarchal. In each family, 3 or 4 generations are living under the same roof.  

In a research of the Bo Y ethnic group, there have been now 10 clans in the Bo Y. Each of which has a system of 5-to-9-word-middle names, symbolizing one generation and indicating the position of that person in the family.

Nowadays, 10 clans have been in charge of maintaining their traditional customs and lifestyle, for example to organize New Year celebrations, weddings, and funerals. The Bo Y people possess their own typical folk songs.

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