A Misty Sapa day tour
Posted On Wed, Jan 7, 2015 by Jestar Magazine
A trip to North Vietnam would be incomplete without reaching Sapa. A sleeping beauty wrapped in the misty blanket. Sapa is somehow so cold that snow falls amidst the winter. Sapa in the spring boasts cherry blossoms in strong vitality. And Sapa is also a natural air conditioner in contrast with the unbearable tropical hot.

A lane meanders around mountains and gets crooked with hills to lead to the Silver Waterfall. From a mountain cracks several hundreds of meters high, strong currens descend, tossing silver white bubbles like blossoms, thus its name Silver Waterfall. Thunderous water sounds echo repeatedly through dark forests, making the wilderness even more mysterious.
Magnificent Muong Hoa Valley - Hanoi Sapa Tour
Magnificent Muong Hoa Valley

From the large road, turning to a small 3km alley which is the lane of ethnic people to Cloud Bridge, we can see a suspension bridge across Muong Hoa River flowing through a valley 17km southeast away from Sapa Town. The old bridge was replaces with a new wooden bridge safer and more solid. If lucky enough to travel when the mist soars from Muong Hoa River to envelope Cloud Bridge, we can find ourselves afloat on the ocean of the mist and winds. In particular, Muong Hoa Valley is also home to 196 strange carvings by primitive inhabitants thousands or myriads of years ago that many archeologists have failed to interpret their messages. This is the Ancient rock field, a heritage of the ancient Vietnamese, which consists of prehistoric carved stone slabs scattered over terrace fields. In this rock field, the most outstanding are Spousal Rocks, a pair of stones featuring a couple facing together in association with a legendary romance of a faithful couple who wished to live happily. However, as they were about to see each other, both were turned into stones.
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